Lokawaaz, April 15,2022: Air New Zealand no longer requires proof of Covid-19 vaccination and negative test for domestic and international fights. “As New Zealand moves through the peak of Omicron and the country’s Covid settings are relaxed, we will be adjusting some of our domestic and international travel requirements forContinue Reading

Lokawaaz, March 22,2022: San Francisco:Brazil has lifted its ban on Telegram after the country’s Supreme Court blocked the messaging app for failing to comply with court orders. “Considering that the (court’s requested changes) were fully attended to, I revoke the decision to fully and completely suspend the operation of TelegramContinue Reading

Lokawaaz,March 21,2022: Beijing was hit by heavy snow, with blizzards in part of the Chinese capital, the local meteorological authorities said. The snowfall is expected to linger and visibility in most of the city could drop below 1,000 metres, said the Beijing Meteorological Service. As of 6 p.m. Friday, theContinue Reading